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Earthquake 8E


Its fast - the brushless 550 motor with 4s power is very entertaining. I have put about 20 packs thru it (ran it till battery dead), and so far i am happy with the purchase. A few things to keep in mind that you should upgrade - I kept bending the aluminum steering arm as its made of soft metal. Also, the rear shock tower assembly bends inwards when you do light bashing, so i cooked up a small brace that connects to the chassis.
Moving the suspension springs one space out on the lower control arms yielded much better cornering ability.

So far, the diff's have been holding up good for light bashing and dirt area speed runs. Shoegoo and drywall tape the body as soon as you get it because it will crack on the first flip since these cars are a good 10+ pounds. And of course, the wheelie bar will keep things in control.
have fun, and fixing is part of the fun of Hobby cars. I need to get a pinion gear since the brass one gets chewed up pretty good due to the insane power.
Date Added: 05/23/2012 by Mushtaq Syed
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