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what a fantastic little item.. i had various levels of expierence as a teenager and also to adult with various rc products. i can say that this is one of those items that will never be a disappointment. you just found the one your looking for. this one is great fun. has a vertex engine. as a ready to run. its a great one. its fast enough to not have any maintence issues.( i do recomend that you buy the starting wand for any dinky in the real world other wise we call these things a nuckel buster ) i had come back to the site for a look around. a return customer of redcat racing. look not further than redcat products. simply put.. the price is good. the quality is great. its the fun your looking for with out breaking the bank.. best little gift for anyone.. ( as any dinky.. get the starting wand kit.. and also the glow plug gas bottle kit.. this applies to any nitro dinky.. )
Date Added: 09/20/2020 by Kenny Murray

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